Dear Julisabel,

You woke up again.
This is the third time in the last two hours since I put you to bed. Just like the last two times, you stirred and began to fuss, and then cry. You rolled back and forth, eyes closed, arms searching. You were looking for me… For your mama. Actually, you were looking for milkies.

So I left my work in the living room and I laid down next to you, again. You immediately snuggled in, and started to nurse.

After 20 minutes or so, you let go, and rolled onto your back, content and full. I started to sneak out of bed, and back to my work, but you knew. And you immediately flopped your entire body on top of mine, and wrapped your little toddler arms around my neck.

So here we are, sweet girl.
Here we are, laying in bed.
A tangled mess of limbs.
My laptop is sitting in the living room, photos from a recent wedding open and waiting to be edited.

But it can wait. You, my little love, will never be this small again. Tomorrow you will be a day older. I want to soak up these moments… These precious times with you, my darling. You may not sleep through the night, or in your own bed. You may pull my shirt down regardless of where we are or who is around. But you’re my cuddle bug. I love these sweet times we have together, my love. Already you’re such a big girl. I am so very thankful for all the loves and cuddles we get to share. I’m so thankful you aren’t to big to have mama snuggles and milkies. One day, my love… One day you will be too big. One day you won’t want the mama milkies and the snuggles. And I’m afraid, sweet girl, that that day will be here in just the blink of an eye. So the work can wait. The dishes can wait. The laundry can wait. Because tomorrow, they will still be there, but you…. You my darling, will be one day older. Goodnight my cuddle bug. Love, Mama Xo
Anonymous asked:
What age were you and your husband when you got married? :)

I was mid 20s and he was late 30s :)

Anonymous asked:
What were some of your favorite snacks when you did the whole 30? I'm trying it out but I get hungry in between meals and I am struggling to think of snacks! Thank you.

First of all… I would definitely encourage you to eat big meals!!! You shouldn’t get really hungry between meals. If you ARE feeling hungry, and you’re eating big meals, drink water. Sometimes when you feel hungry you’re actually just thirsty! If you’re still hungry, snack on something healthy… Snap peas, mini sweet peppers (I love them with guac), carrots, an apple or banana or even some nuts!

You can do it!!! This isn’t something that should make you feel hungry. Be sure to eat enough that you aren’t getting hungry!


It’s a girl :)

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Sooooo fun shooting Jeff and Lindy last night :)